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Let's talk about kids!
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It helps to better understand the child and not interfere with what the child is doing. Kids wont also pay attention when you are observing because it shouldn't really be known, and so your findings will be much more accurate.

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I work mainly with infants and by observing what they are doing, you develop an awareness of how they operate. You get signals as to what they are in need of and you also learn where they are developmentally. The biggest thing I have learned with infants is sometimes they just cry out to let themselves be known. They don’t always need something and often times calm themselves which is very helpful for all concerned, but especially for the baby.

I find it fascinating to watch the tiniest of milestones take place as well as the big ones. Letting them experience things on their own instead of always showing them what something is capable of doing is remarkable. I also enjoy watching little ones watch others and then try it out for themselves.
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