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1.  What did you discover about the WACS?

There is a WAC for almost any question you could have about how to act/respond to a situation in a child care setting!

2.  Were you surprised by any of the WACS?

Not particularly, since much of it seems to be common sense when you really think about it.  Although some of the more administrative/lead teacher specific WACS I was unfamiliar with- but they made sense.

3.  Can you see how the WACS influence day to day care?

Yes, absolutely, as there are WACS pertaining to many day to day activities, interactions, and routines from safe nap practices, to personal conduct, to how many children we can safely and legally care for at one time.  Being aware of the WACS ensures that you are providing the safest care possible, and you are doing things ups to code.

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