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  1. 1.   WAC 170-295-4010

At what age can we accept infants into care?

You must not accept in to care an infant who is less than 6 weeks of age.


Correct?  Incorrect (rewrite here):


Incorrect. An infant must be at least 4 weeks to be accepted in to care. At my school we start at 12 months.



  1. 2.   WAC 170-295-4080

When should I begin toilet training?

Toilet training is initiated in consultation with parents.

  • Using positive reinforcement
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Not using food as reinforcement, and 
  • Following a routine established between the parents and you


Correct?  Incorrect (rewrite here):

Correct. Teachers should partner with parents to determine the appropriate time to toilet train; typically, between 18 months-3 years.



  1. 3.   WAC 170-295-0001

What gives the authority to the Department of Early Learning (DEL) to license child care and charge licensing fees?

  • The rules for child care centers are governed under chapters 43.215 of the RCW
  • The rules establishing licensing fees are adopted under authority of the RCW



Correct?  Incorrect (rewrite here):

  • Incorrect. The rules for child care centers are governed under chapters 43.215 of the RCW
  • The rules establishing licensing fees are adopted under authority of the RCW 43.215






  1. 4.   WAC 170-295-2020

How long can a child be at the center?

The child may remain in care a maximum of 8 hours or less each day.  If needed, you may extend the time based upon the parent’s typical work schedule and travel from and to the center.


Correct?  Incorrect (rewrite here):

Correct. Students will remain in care no longer than 8 hours a day, if necessary travel time will be allowed to extend the time period.




  1. 5.   WAC 170-295-2050 Must we provide rest periods?

You must:

  • Offer a supervised rest period to a child who is:  

Five years of age or younger and in care for more than seven hours; or Showing need for rest; and,

  • Allow a child thirty-five months of age or younger to follow an individual sleep schedule, and plan alternative quiet activities for the child who does not need rest.


Correct?  Incorrect (rewrite here):

Correct: Guidelines for rest periods must be posted and followed to be sure children are provided with adequate rest.




  1. 6.   WAC 170-295-3090

How do I handle leftover medication?

You must not keep old medication on site.  When a child is finished with a medication, you must either:  

  • Give it back to the parent; or
  • Give it to another child that has suddenly gotten a fever while in care.


Correct?  Incorrect (rewrite here):

Incorrect. Unused medication must be returned to the parent.



  1. 7.   WAC 170-295-3170

What are the food service standards I am required to meet?

You must maintain on site at least one person with a Washington State Department of Health food handler’s permit to:

  • Monitor and oversee food handling and service at the center, and 
  • Provide orientation and ongoing training as needed for all staff involved in food handling.  Anyone cooking full meals must have a food handler’s permit.


Correct?  Incorrect (rewrite here):

Correct. I have a food handlers permit as well as anyone else in my school who does food preparation




  1. 8.   WAC 170-295-1060

What initial and ongoing state training and registry system (STARS) training is required for child care center staff?

Childcare Basics 30-hour course.

Childcare Basics Initial training 30 hours, First Aid/CPR, HIV& Blood Borne Pathogens, 20 hours of Annual Professional Development Workshops (10 hours of which must be Montessori)


After completing this course, you are considered complete by the Department of Early Learning and no further requirements apply.


Correct?  Incorrect (rewrite here):


I must fulfill annual professional development requirements to stay up date with any updates or changes, continue to learn more about my teaching profession, and how to improve.

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