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I have to start by saying this is 1,000 times easier if you go to the correct WAC, rather than the guild book given

If you haven't gone to this link you should.

1. Incorrect - should be 1 month (not 6 weeks)

2. Correct

3. Incorrect - RCW 43.215.255 (not 43.20B.110)

4. Incorrect - 10 ours max (not 8)

5. Incorrect - in care for 6 hours (not 7) and 29 months of age (not 35)

6. Incorrect - Second option is dispose of it by flushing down the toilet (never give one child's medicine to another)

7.  Correct

8. Incorrect - The director, program supervisor & lead teachers must register with STARS and complete one of the following trainings with the first 6 months of employment or being granted initial license: 20 hours in STARS, COA or AA

I found this exercise to be a lot easier and more straight forward than the last but again go straight to WAC 170-295 it makes things so much easier. 
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