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Discussions 3: Stimulate your thinking.

3.1. What type of records will you be responsible for keeping as a child care provider?

Records for staff, children, and program. A few examples are the diaper changing log, staff qualifications, and permission slips.

3.2. Where are the records kept?

Records are kept confidential in my locked credenza.

3.3. What do we do with confidential records?

Confidential records are kept under lock and key and only accessed by authorized individuals.

3.4. What types of information can be posted in the center for all to view?

The Child Care License
A schedule of regular duty hours with names of staff
A typical activity schedule, including operating hours and scheduled mealtimes
Meal and snack menus for the month
Fire safety record and evacuation plans and procedures, including a diagram of exiting routes
Emergency phone numbers
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3.1 staff qualifications, student records, diaper log, bottle log, food log, injury reports

3.2 records are kept in the office in a locked file cabinet

3.3 confidential records are kept in the office locked and only certain staff are able to access them

3.4 food menus, what type of milk or formula, daily schedule
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