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Let's talk about kids!
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We make sure that the kids are eating a healthy balanced meal every day the provided meals (morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, evening snack) are all organic and made from scratch. We make sure the kids get their time outside to run around, we have a family gym that is indoor and gives the kids plenty of room to run around. Toys are cleaned often and the rooms are cleaned every night. We also make sure to wash hands before and after meal times. We also make sure inside the class where the kids can reach are only things they should be touching.

I think the hardest is not the actual hand washing but getting toddlers from the sink to their seat and wait for their food without picking their nose or getting up and touching everything, or licking their hands.

Yes, where i work we wash hands and sanitize the changing area after every diaper change, most families are not likely to be sanitizing their changing tables after every change.

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1.1 When kids are in my care,  to keep them healthy I make sure they are always washing their hands, covering their coughs and sneezes, depending on age I help wipe their nose, and make sure to keep an eye out for any signs of illness.

1.2 I have the most trouble with the younger toddlers who constantly either pour milk into each others cups, and steal food off each others plates.

1.3 It is different than parents diapering their children because we're required to wear gloves which most parents don't, and we also have to change children at least every two hours and keep written record of it and most parents don't change their children that frequently at home or write it down.


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1.1 While children are in my care, I make sure that their hands are washed frequently and that they are not only eating healthy meals, but that the are getting enough to eat.

1.2 It is hard to implement some food schedules when some parents refuse to comply.

1.3 Licensing diapering is completely different than a parent changing a diaper. We need to wear gloves and sanitize the area afterwards as well as washing our hands before dressing the child and after.
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