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3.1. What are some of the safety standards required by licensing regulations? Give examples of how they impact children's safety.
One of the safety standards required by licensing regulations is to be prepared for any emergency or hazard. This means that I have an emergency plan if there is a fire or any other incident that requires an evacuation. This also means that I have a binder with all the emergency contact information for each child so that I can be accountable for their safety in an organized manner. This ensures that their families are contacted which builds the trust between the teacher and the student if they are able to be secure with their families and safe with their teacher.
Another safety standard is that students have access to clean water to drink and to play with. Students should have a clean and sanitary learning environment both inside and outside. This means that their access to unclean water outside is limited. Water collected from rain should be poured out and kept clean with fresh water if possible. The water for the facility should also be tested regularly to ensure that the drinking water for the center is also free from lead and other contaminants.
3.2. If you were giving a prospective parent a tour through your program, what safety procedures would you highlight?
If I were giving a prospective parent a tour through my program I would point out the safety procedures we have in relation to ensuring the children understand the rules of the classroom. I would demonstrate that the environment the child is interacting with is up to code and developmentally appropriate for the child to explore independently without assistance from an adult in a safe and protected manner. I would show them what our evacuation policy is and walk them through a fire drill procedure while also showing the safe and clean outside environment. I would discuss safety procedures for diaper changing and the times that students are eating, sleeping and pottying throughout the day.
3.3. What makes a safe indoor environment for young children? A safe outdoor environment for young children?
A safe indoor environment for young children has multiple stations with differing activities for children to interact with. They should have developmentally relevant materials to engage with so that they are not at risk of harm when they explore these materials. A safe environment is sanitary and cleaned regularly. The trash is taken out when it is full, the tables are sanitized before and after meals and other activities, the bathroom is also expected to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.
A safe outdoor environment requires safe fencing, safe access to play equipment that is developmentally appropriate to the age group engaging in play. It should also be free from clutter and other potentially harmful vegetation.

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I read this and agree with all of these points.

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3.1 One safety standard required by licensing is the sanitation of toys and pacifiers daily or more often as needed. Licensing also requires that any inside or outdoor play area have 75 square feet of space per child

3.2 If I were giving a tour, I would highlight our teacher to child ratio, safety policies and sick child policies. If I were touring myself these would be some of the first things I looked for.

3.3 A safe indoor environment has different age appropriate stations to help develop all aspects of children in care. It has 75 cubit feet of room per child. An outdoor area is easily and safely accessible to children and is enclosed containing age appropriate play materials. It should be free from any harmful plants or animals.
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