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2.1 A partnership is when both people have equally important and unique roles in children's lives based on a supportive collaboration based on mutual interests. This is important for providers and families because it ensures high quality care and learning experiences for the children and helps the parents feel supported. 
2.2 Families and care providers conflict with one another at times because of few opportunities for communication, differences in values and views of children, and differences in modes of communication. 
2.3 I can take the lead in creating positive provider-family relationships by empowering and supporting families by welcoming families, having open and positive communication, involve families in their children's care support, genuinely build parental self-esteem, and encourage competence. 

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2.1 A partnership involves communication, collaboration and cooperation between both parents and child care providers.
2.2 Families and caregivers can sometimes be in conflict when they are unable to connect. Parents can feel guilt or worry over leaving their child in another person's care and it can be an emotional powder keg.
2.3 I can take the lead by creating good relationships with families and keeping lines of communication open.
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