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Let's talk about kids!
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1.1) Families are primary educators of their children because they see them outside of a classroom. Families are responsible for choosing how their children grow up and learn the way of life and certain skills. Families are responsible for teaching their children before and after child care. Children see how their families act and learn from that.
1.2) Childcare providers can support families in this role by giving them feedback and tips on how their child are taught and lean best at school. When discussing the child with their families it is important to respect them are their lifestyles and culture, it is also important to discuss all attributes of the child's learning such are successes and complications.
1.3) Supporting families is so important because ideally it is up to families on how they want their children raised. As the child(s) start to grow up and get older it is more on the parents to start teaching them the ways of life as they head out to public schools.

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1.1 I think families are primary educators because they create the environment in which their child grows and develops starting from birth, outside of the calssroom. They help the child reach milestones (whether they realize it or not), provide building blocks into the beliefs and understanding their child has and become the main caregiver/person they look to for advice/support/help from their very first problems at infancy.

1.2 Childcare providers can support families in this role through conversations about the development and growth of their child. Celebrating the reach of milestones, sharing the observations they have regarding the specific areas of development and also sharing any insight or tips that could help them positively. Never be too pushy on ideas or implementing calssroom techniques at home, as that is our job as caregivers to create the best learning environment. But helping parents through learning suggestions, answering questions and encouraging them in the hardest job any of us have by being parents.

1.3 Supporting families is important because it will help expand and build a trusting and respectful realtionship with the family. When they feel supported, they are more open to suggestions or ideas. They will ask questions and in some cases become more involved with the classroom. But most importantly the children will feed off of how the parents feel about the teacher or caregivers. If the parents trust and respect you, the kids will do the same. Just as if they have an issue with you or not feeling supported, the children may also withdraw and not trust.

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1.1- Families are the primary educators of their children because they are with them constantly! Many children have not been in our care since birth, and children will grow older than we care for and remain with their families. They create the world their child lives in, control the words they hear and things they see and experiences they've shared!
1.2- Childcare providers can support families in  this role by helping them to understand it themselves, but also by providing whatever observation or assistance is necessary when requested (within reason). Sharing your observations daily and of any developments you might have noticed can help indicate to them what the next developmental step might be so that they can begin to prime it and foster it in the child's learning.
1.3- Supporting families is a great way to build a healthy trust and strong communication! All of these are in the best interest of the child, and can easily smooth over bumps or even bring efficiency to development!

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1.1 - Families are the primary educators of their children because they are the child first contact with the world they are the principals people that a child trust and love. With their families, children will be exposed to their culture, language and beliefs.  

1.2 -
Childcare providers can support families by creating collaborative partnerships based on respect and trust.

1.3 - It is important to support the families because show that we really care about their child well-being, and we want to help them achieve all their milestones and development in all ranges.  



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Families are the primary educator because they spent the earliest moments together. The families will also share their beliefs and culture with this child to help shape the child's identity.

Childcare providers can help support families by communicating with them about what specific things and skills they would like us to work on with their child.

Supporting families is very important because they have trusted us with their child to help teach new skills and explore the world. We will be spending lots of time with their children, and we are expected to care and love on their child!

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1.1 Families are where children first begin to learn. Either the child's family fosters trust in adults or they don't. The child can thrive from a good family dynamic.

1.2 Childcare providers can help support families by reinforcing their cultural background with the child, by teaching the child and by helping to foster trust among both the child and the family. This is best done when there is an open line of communication between caregiver and family.

1.3 Supporting families is important because it helps the child build a fundamental trust among trusted adults. If the family is comfortable, baby will be too. We are building the foundation of our next leaders!
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