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Let's talk about kids!
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Families are there for their children from birth, we set the foundation for our kids well being and development. We have a life long impact on her development.

Child care providers can help support families in this role by giving the children and parents tools to use at home and also giving their children a structured education that meets and challenges developmental stages. Teachers also offer support and resources for the children and families.

It's important to support families who put their trust into you to educate their child. You are with the child for most of the day and play a major role in the child's life/development. If anything it builds a better care for the child at home as well as in the classroom when a family is supported.

Sara Rambow

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1.1 how are families primary educators of their children?
Families are who children will spend most of their time with, families are the people that will be making all decisions for their children including education. Families are the teachers to their children from day one when they are born, we learn relationships this is where we learn about beliefs and values, what’s right and wrong, love, family, belonging everything.

1.2 how can childcare providers support families in this role?
By understanding the families dynamics we can better help the child development. We need to work alongside the families if there are any concerns ect.

1.3 why is supporting families so important?
By working together with the families and being consistent both at home and at school we can have very positive effects.

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How are families primary educators of their children"
-Families are the first teachers of their children, and set the foundation for their learning career.  Parents are the ones who teach them to walk, and to talk, to use their utensils and to take are of their primary basic human function.  

How can childcare providers support families in this role?
-A thorough understanding of the family unit and how well the family functions together, we as providers can help them with their parenting struggles. 

Why is supporting families so important?
-Working with the parents can really help the child see that they have a supportive circle, and supported children perform better in school.
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