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Let's talk about kids!
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Before discussing with a parent, it would be wise to talk it over with a co-worker to make sure what you are going to tell the parents is objective and not accusatory. Also, having resources available for the parents for their next steps would be helpful.

Confidentiality is important because these families have given their trust to us. We are not to spread sensitive information to others because we do not own this information to begin with. Failure to maintain confidentiality could result in losing your job.

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think and talk to co workers before you decide to talk to parents. please keep it confidential because that is very nice

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3.1: How would you approach a parent or caregiver about the need for a referral for developmental screening of their child? What do you need to consider before talking to a parent or caregiver?
I would need to consider the reaction they might have, what avenues if any, they have already tried.  I would also need to take into account their language comprehension and whether they will understand my concerns if I communicate it to them in English.  I would start a discussion with the parents about continued behaviors and certain red flags and offer up some resources to see whether they were interested in pursuing a developmental screening.

3.2: Read over the NAEYC Code of Ethics. Consider further what your ethical responsibilities of observation and confidentiality are.
I understand and believe that I uphold my ethical responsibilities and commitments to the children that are placed in my care.  Children and their families have a right to privacy but also a right to the open exchange of information especially concerning a child's growth and development.
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