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Tools for observing children could include using video and photos. Not only do you need to know how to record the data, but it is also important to organize the observations so they can be recalled at a later time for reference.

Information gained through observation is so important because every child's development is a little different.

I like the child skills checklist. I like how this lists out certain areas to look for and spots to include when you saw it and what you observed. However, having an online version would be easier to share with parents and caregivers in order to see the child's progress of growth over time.

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observations is the best tool

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2.1: What tools can be used to learn about children and their development? How do you use the tools? What do you need to know how to do? 
At my school we use Teaching Strategies Gold to keep track of and document the children's development.  By making lesson plans on TSG I am able to check off which objectives each activity is focusing on and balance out my lessons for the week appropriately.  I also am able to assess and document my observations of my primary care group within the website.  You simply need to get familiar with the website interface.
2.2 Why is the information gained through observation so valuable?
Observations are your direct resource for learning about a child and their unique quirks and abilities.  Observation is the purposeful action of watching the children and making notes for more personalized activities.
2.3  Evaluate current observation tools
I like Teaching Strategies Gold but I would like for the merger with Tadpoles to become finalized so that I do not have to transfer over each activity from my lessons every day.  The assessment tools for observations is wonderful except that it can be a bit time consuming to navigate to and a better app might provide a quicker way to jot in observations (currently mainly use the web browser).  I really appreciate the reports that TSG generates as they are helpful in tracking development and showing next steps and goals for parent-teacher conferences.
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