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Discussion 3.1

How does the Brain Develop?

The brain develops by repeated actions that build on one another. If a skill is practiced over and over with more complex additions, the brain will remember this and reinforce prior knowledge. This will create connections such as if you swing your arm with an object and let go the object will fly (be thrown across the room). When you do this, without a doubt sometime it will hit something. When it hits, the object is likely to fall over. When the object falls over, it is likely to break. When the object breaks, my parent is upset. Each discovery has the previous discovery to work with.

Discussion 3.2

What is executive functioning and toxic stress?

Executive function is the way our brains interact with the situations that arise in life. This includes controlling impulsive reactions, keeping emotions in check, and thinking through solutions to problems. Stress causes us to have a flight, fight, or freeze reaction. This is good for survival but when stress is when a person experiences so much stress that these reactions are the instinctive reactions to every situation causing them to not use logic, planning, evaluation, or execution of complex solutions. For example, if a person has a large amount of work to do, a large amount of debt, and a lot of work hours, they may work themselves to death with no real plan, freak out and run from their problems (often including anxiety), or even hide from their problems in the form of depression. If a person has a strong executive function or even works to get a stronger executive function, they will be able to have the skills to research good financial solutions, budget, execute the budget, eliminate debt, and manage time effectively.

Discussion 3.3

How can providers promote early brain development?

Providers should have as much interactive connections as possible with children. They should avoid screen time and increase activities that involve multiple kids, sharing, taking turns, or working together. This can include simple activities such as passing a ball, playing games such as “Jump Jump”, the human knot exercise and so much more.

Discussion 3.4

Age Appropriate Scenario (Toddlers)

  1. Do you think this behavior or expectation is age appropriate? (check the Guidelines if unsure)

    1. It is not age appropriate to expect toddlers to know how to share nicely without directed help.

  2. How could you explain this to the parents/co- workers/etc.?

    1. Toddlers need direction on how to handle situations in which they have to share or otherwise do something that they do not want or know how to do.

  3. Why might the child(ren) act this way?

    1. Children at this age have not yet developed mental skills to understand sharing and taking turns as they are still learning how toys work and how to interact with other people.

  4. What would you suggest and is there anything you can do to prevent this situation/problem from happening again?

    1. I suggest that as a caregiver we either find a second phone to play with or distract the children with a toy, game, or song that multiple kids can be involved in.

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