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The brain develops by connections between neurons called synapses occurring. This is influenced by nature and nurture events.

Executive Functioning is the ability of the brain to decipher through distractions and what information to focus on. When struggling with these regulations, this can cause toxic stress if a supportive adult caregiver is not present to help guide the child. Toxic stress negative events can be prolonged or chronic.

Providers can help model ideal behaviors to help the child's development and also limit screen time.

Choosing the first infant scenario:
1. Yes, this behavior is age appropriate.
2. I would explain this as, Jamal is becoming aware of his surroundings and making connections and relationships with adults he comes in contact with.
3. The child might feel sad when dropped off because they built a trusting relationship with that person and their brain doesn't fully understand yet why they are being dropped off with a caregiver.
4. To help with this situation, I would encourage the parents to talk calmly with Jamal as they drop off to reassure the child is in a safe environment still surrounded by people who care about him and love him.  

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