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Let's talk about kids!
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I am going to be taking about infants. What is characteristic about this age group is that infants need consistent attention and care, encouragement for social interactions, they are dependent on the important adults in their lives to learn, and they need help to learn motor skills. Infants like to be comfortable, play with simple toys and explore their environment through their senses, mostly visually. 

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I chose to look at the preschoolers age group. Typical characteristics of preschoolers are:
1. They need caring and responsive caregivers to promote their emotional development. They are beginning to learn about emotions and beginning to develop fears.

2. Socially, they begin playing together as opposed to next to each other. They begin to play make believe games. They are learning to respect others and learning to settle arguments through their words instead of being physical with each other.

3. They want to figure out how and why things work the way they do and they are exploring more. In order to promote intellectual development, they need to be able to explore and learn about new things at their own pace. Their drawings become more purposeful with identifiable images.

4. For their physical development, preschoolers need lot of active play to help them learn through using their bodies and their senses. They can begin to understand rules about safety and the limits to the rules.

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1. What is characteristic about this age-group?
Ages 4 to 5 years
Recognize and respect similarities and differences between self and other people, such as gender, race, special needs, cultures, languages, communities and family structures.
Show a friendly and respectful way of listening and responding to what your child says. Be the model you want the child to be.
Associate emotions with words and facial expressions;
Be curious; interested in trying things out;
Recognize when making mistakes and fix these errors during a task.

2.         What is it they like to do?
They like to learn new things every day, they like to listen to children's stories, they like to play with their classmates and sing a lot.


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Preschoolers, specifically toddlers, is the age group I currently care for. They need caring and responsive caregivers to promote their emotional development. They are beginning to learn about emotions and beginning to develop fears, social cues, manners, etc. They start to have questions, they start to notice things. They start to develop vocabulary and sentence structure. They recognize emotions, they learn to comfort those friends who are upset and they laugh when something is funny or they are happy. They are working on their motor skills.

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I chose to focus on the preschooler age group.

Some characteristics of preschool schoolers are:

They are beginning to learn about emotions and beginning to develop fears.
Need to be surrounded by caring, responsive and loving providers.
Need to allow plenty of time for transitions.
Curiosity – “how does this…work? Urge to explore and learn new things about the world around them.
They begin playing together
Make believe time
Drawings become more purposeful.

They need LOTS of active play. This helps with not only with they large motor skills but also helps them learn through movement.
They being to understand rules about safety
Strong desire to be treated fairly. But don’t always recognize their own unfairness. Facilitating conversations that build empathy and understanding of their feelings as well as others occurs often.

Preschoolers like to:
Work in groups, and on their own. Make both possible throughout the day.
They like to label, classify, and sort objects.
Involve them in projects where they can observe natural events like seed growing.
New experiences. Plan trips, walk around the neighborhood, and bigger field trips so they can explore the world around them.

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Characteristics of preschoolers:
they begin to talk more and communicate verbally
they begin to play pretend and mimic what they see
they begin to identify fears and comforts
they are building motor skills

Preschoolers like to:
Cut paper 
associate animals with a sound

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