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The specific needs for infants include a continuing relationship with a few caring people, consistent attention for stability, social interactions with a positive response, opportunities to explore the world through daily routines, a chance to learn how to be mobile like tummy time, and encouragement. 
The specific needs for toddlers include accepting and close relationships, encouragement to do things by themselves, interaction with speaking, play time, hands on experiences, use of their senses, and suitable environments to practice their rapidly developing motor skills. 
The specific needs for preschoolers include structure, a positive relationship, cooperative play opportunities with dramatic play materials, encouragement in learning opportunities, and activities for use of their new skills and active play. 
The specific needs for school-age children include a sense of belonging, opportunities to encourage responsibility, opportunities to use their growing ability to think, problem solve, and reason, activities to make friends and meet new people, and physical activity. 
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