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Let's talk about kids!
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Infants need physical interaction such as being held or cuddled, encouragement when it comes to movements like rolling, safe spaces to be mobile, and caretakers who narrate what goes on (ie: are you hungry? let’s go grab your bottle).
Toddlers need space to dress and feed themselves, play with manipulative, have expected behavior modeled for them, and for caretakers to build their confidence in successes.
Preschoolers need their emotions to be redirected positively, opportunities to do any activity independently, be able to create on their own, learn to work in groups, and have others ask them open ended questions.
School-age kids need to have access to positive, safe relationships to express themselves. Give them free space to socialize, while inviting them to help you with whatever it is you are doing. Ask them to share their thoughts and feelings so they learn to express themselves.
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