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Let's talk about kids!
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As a professional, I get to know the families best when they pick up their children for the day. Since I am a closer, I get to see families at the end of the day. I have an opportunity to interact with the adults on how their own day was and watch how they interact with their children at pick-up. Throughout the day, I like to ask the children how their night was and things they did with their family over the weekend.

To develop respectful relationships with families, it is important that we greet the families as soon as they walk in to show we acknowledge them. This will help build trust so the families can feel at ease that we pay attention to their kids as well. Also, engaging with the parents about how their child's day was will develop a respectful relationship.

(I am not a lead teacher.)

Things that influence my thinking are my religious beliefs, my family, my education, and my peers.
It is possible to change our view on things and this usually comes about when we start to learn about new perspectives from other people by engaging in conversations with people or attending events. However, sometimes when people respond to people with different views, there are harsh feelings experienced because the conversation became heated and both parties were not respectful towards one another.
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