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How do professionals get to know the children and families in their care / program?

Professionals get to know the children and families in their program by taking the time to focus on the important connections the relationship requires in order to maintain open communication.
Children come into the classroom with prior knowledge and experiences that they are able to share with their school community. As an educator it is important to ask questions about the students that explore how the child best learns, what they are interested in and outside of school and how they work through new challenges. It is the educator's task to ask the parents questions related to the child’s interests and temperament outside of school so they are able to notice any new skills or interests that occur in the classroom to foster positive feedback.
It is also important to create a community within the classroom that is able to demonstrate the same ideas of acceptance that are practiced outside in their home communities. Exploring and creating a more enriching experience for the child is essential to enriching these connections. The enrichment process invites children and their families to share their cultural experiences so that every individual is exposed to differences in a safe and supported environment.
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