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Let's talk about kids!
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How do the components of human diversity influence children's well-being, behavior, attitudes and growth?

People are all very different. By introducing children to diversity helps them accept differences, and accept when they are the ones different.

An example, when able-bodied children are paired with disabled children it can teach able-bodied children so many things. Patience while accommodating learning differences or physical differences, empathy while one may struggle and overcome hurdles, and inclusive of others not like them in future times. And at the same time it can teach disabled children persistence, feeling included and finding friendships, asking for help from peers, and even accepting and loving their differences.

By seeing diversity in language, traditions, and race creates a curiosity in children. They may want to learn more about why, or learn a new language to communicate with their friend. They may want to learn more about their own race if they may not be very connected to people of their own race. No one should feel isolated or excluded for what language they speak, what race they are, or what they celebrate. And we should teach and show diversity to help children how to mentally handle when they meet or experience new people and times in a positive way.
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