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1. List things that influence your thinking or point of view. (Answers might include things like family, religious beliefs, media, education, peers or political affiliation.) Try to prioritize your list.
2. Reflect on the ways people respond to one another when points of view differ. Do we ever change our views? What kinds of things influence us to change our perspective?

1. Things that influence my thinking: Family, peers, education, political affiliation, media, religious beliefs.
2. The way that people respond to one another when they disagree can vary greatly. However, it is important to be open minded and hear what others are saying politely and fully. We can absolutely change our views. Sometimes, this comes about because someone we admire and respect asserts an opinion that is different from our own. Sometimes, a group we are a member of comes out with an opinion and because we are a member of that group, we adopt the opinion or belief as our own. We are constantly being influenced by the world around us and the people we admire and respect.
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