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Let's talk about kids!
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If you were the parent of a young child, what three things would you want most from your child's provider? I would want good dialogue and communication, for my provider to take a genuine interest in my child's well being and for my provider to encourage their strengths and help with their weaknesses.
What are three fears you might have when leaving your child in someone's care? I would fear that my child would be ignored, that their talents might not be encouraged and that they might not be understanding if my child makes a mistake.

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if i was a parent the three things i would want from my child care provider is i would want them to have good communication and for the provider to be nice and have a positive attitude towards my child and i would want them to encourage my child to thrive to do good and always make them feel good about themselves

3 fears i would have is if the provider have the right training to care for my child, if they are genuinely caring and watching over my child, and if they make my child feel good about themselves 
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