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Let's talk about kids!
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I read the books On Mother's Lap, and Everywhere Babies.

What message is given about families?
For the first book On Mother's Lap it has to do with children learning how to be caring and kind to their siblings, and how to parent can demonstrate that.
Everywhere babies is a book about how babies are all different in their growth and development as a they grow older.

Do these books speak to you personally?
On Mother's Lap is a book that I can relate to personally because I have two children one of them is four and that other just turned 1. My son was the only child for 4 years and then my daughter came along, so he had to learn that my attention and love is for both of them not just for him. He adjusted just fine and my children get along very well.

Why are books like these important to offer the children in you care?
These kinds of children's books are important because not only do they engage a child in listening to the story but it can also get them to start thinking if maybe the story can apply to them if they are in the same situation. 
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