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Let's talk about kids!
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Children’s Books

I read the children’s book A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams

1.) The book gave a message of a loving family that works together for a common goal. Although the family was recently struck by tragedy they are not letting it keep them down. Instead they are working together towards a common goal of buying a new soft comfortable chair for all of them to share. They all work together adding and counting coins in a jar to save up enough for the new chair.  

2.) This book spoke to me personally because in the story Rosa lives in a home with her mother and grandmother and they are a very close knit family. Growing up my grandmother lived next door to us and she was very involved in our lives and was more like a second mother than a grandmother. We often made dinner together and spent our afternoons at her home as a family. 

3.) These books are important to share with children in my care because it shows them that things can get better. Even though this family suffered the loss of their home they are still happy and thriving. We don’t see the struggles that these children might be enduring in their home. They need to know that everything will be okay and that things get better if they are struggling. 

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