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Going on a WAC Hunt

WAC #         Page
#         What does it say? (Each WAC has a question—copy that question)         What does it really mean? (How do you interpret it?)
WAC 170-295-0001
WAC 170-296A0001         1         What gives the authority to the Department of Early Learning (DEL) to license child care and charge licensing fees?         To ensure that everyone cares fro children equally and that they are in a safe and learning environment the DEL should check on these things
WAC 170-295-0060
WAC 170-296A1275         12         What are the requirements for applying for a license to operate a child care center?         There is certain criteria that must be met in order to be able to be a licensed childcare center
WAC 170-295-2090
WAC 170-296A5600         108         What are the required staff to child ratios and maximum group sizes for my center?
        One month through 11 1:4
12 months through 29 1:7
30 months through 5 years 1:10
5 years through 12 years 1:15
WAC 170-295-1070
WAC 170-296A1910         31         What continuing state training and registry system (STARS) training is required for child care center staff?         Childcare regulations are always changing and to stay uptodate additional training is needed
WAC 170-295-5010
WAC 170-296A4075         179         What first aid supplies are required in my center

        The first aid supplies need to be out of reach of children but within reach of adults that will respond to injuries or emergencies
WAC 170-295-5170
WAC 170-296A4800         210         Can we have animals at the center?

        You can have pets but the parents have to be informed and there has to be procedures set in place for pet care that does not interfere with child health and safety
WAC 170-295-6040
WAC 170-296A6275         229         What are the requirements regarding child abuse and neglect?         We are mandated reporters and must always protect the children.
WAC 170-295-6050
WAC 170-296A8225
        231         What substances are prohibited in child care center or on the premises         Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted around children

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