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3.1 How would you approach a parent or caregiver about the need for a referral for a developmental screening of their child? What do you need to consider before talking to a parent or caregiver?
Prior to approaching the parent I would have all my observations about the child ready and organized. I would rehearse it with a fellow educator. And I would have local resource information ready to provide them so they can know what to do next. I would also be prepared for the parent to become defensive or feel that their child is fine developmentally. But as a caregiver, it's our responsiblity to at least bring it to the parent's attention.

3.2 Why is confidentiality important? What could the possible outcome of not maintaining confidentiality?
Confidentiality is important for safety and the families right to privacy. If there is a legal order in place for the child to be protected, and that information was discussed or left out it could affect the safety of the child and family. Also, all families have a right to have their information about them and their child to be private. If their private information about their home, or child's information on file is shared or left out it could cause legal issues and poor representation on the caregivers part. These are sensitive topics and many have their own reasons on why they want certain things private, as a caregiver it's our responisbility to respect and honor that for everyone.
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