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2.2 Why is information gained through observation so valuable?

Information caregivers gain through observing is so important because with it they can better plan their classroom materials, modify lesson plans, and find ways to be supportive in each child's developmental process.

2.3 Evaluate current observation tools.
I think I would like to use the checklists, Preschool COR, and the online programs. I think the checklists are easy and same for every child, but can be hard to deal with so many different pieces of paper, so organization is crucial. This also goes for Preschool COR, overtime if the child is attending your facility their record file will accumulate if observations are being recorded daily. That's a lot of paper and organization. But still convenient and easy to use.
The online Teaching Gold program looks very easy to work with, and if able to at your facility you could have your computer accessible during teaching hours and can quickly record observations right to the student file and be able to reference them at any time. No need to go to a file folder to reference old observations, you can simply access the file from the program. Cons of this are it can be time consuming learning the program and costly to a facility that cannot easily afford computers for all caregivers.
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