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Let's talk about kids!
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Culture will define a child in many ways. All children learn differently based on many factors included in their culture such as their background, their family, and their at home life. For example, a child of Hispanic descent whose parents speak mostly Spanish at home, may take longer to learn the correct way to form certain sentences in English, because the Spanish language doesn't have the same formation when building a sentence as in English. The same goes for many other languages. In French, you would say "Je t'aime" which directly translates to "I you like", when really it translates to "I love you" in English. So when a child who has a non-english speaking family at home enters a child-care facility, it will be noticable that their language skills are different than a cold from a fire English speaking family.
These are only examples of the differences in culture effecting children through language. Other difference that would effect a child's learning style would include differing physical abilities, appearances, religion, gender, social classes of their families and more. All of which would effect every child differently, it's important to create a learning environment that will help ALL children and families feel welcome and comfortable.
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