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Let's talk about kids!
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Discussions 2: Stimulate your thinking.
2.1. What adult responses to a child's or children's behavior have you have seen work well? Caring, attentive, positive responses to a child's or children's behavior work well. Adults that respond with logic rather than emotions help their children learn to respond logically and not emotionally. Most importantly, adults who listen to the children and respect their viewpoint while modeling good behavior are the most effective.
2.2. Every program has Guidance Polices. If you were writing them, what would you want them to say? I would want them to say that only positive, caring interactions are the highlight of our program and that we will strive to interact with children in a positive, caring, respectful way at all times. I would want them to stipulate how we use positive guidance policies to direct and guide children's behavior, how we ignore unwanted and undesirable behaviors while encouraging positive behaviors. I would say that the most important aspect of our program is teaching children to be kind, polite, honest, and caring citizens.

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2.1: what adult responsed to a child or children behavior have you have seen at work?  being caring and attentive, positive responds to their behavior. adults that respond with logic rather than emotions help their children.

2.2: Every program has guidance policies. If you were writing them what would want them to say?

Only positive caring and interactions are the highlight to our program. I would use personal guidance, the program iis teaching children to be kind,polite, honest and caring


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2.1 I think if you show are caring and if you show that you're positive and not get too emotional

2.2 I would write that our guidelines policy that we are always positive with the children no matter what the situation is. That we teach the children to be kind and respectful and we model the same to the children.
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