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Discussions 1: Stimulate your thinking.

1.1. Is it necessary to have a mission statement in place to apply for a child care operating license in the state of Washington?


1.2. What are the responsibilities of staff and directors to share the mission statement with children and families?

The expectation is high.

1.3. How should staff members show understanding of the program's mission in their daily practice?

By using the program's mission in our actions with the kids and in our lessons.

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1.1 It is not necessary to have a mission statement in place but it is advised strongly to have one because mission statements give staff and families a clear idea of how the program's views and philosophy are part of their daily practice.

1.2 The staff and directors should share the statement with children and families when they are giving out basic information about the programs in school.

1.3 We should use statements of the mission in what we teach in the program.
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