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Let's talk about kids!
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It takes constant effort to start and keep the lines of communication open between the child care facility and families. 
It helps to have a monthly newsletter to help show parents the things kids have done and learned the past month, what to expect in the up coming month, and maybe some volunteer opportunities for parents to participate within the facility.
Teachers should be communicating at each drop off and pick up with the parent to get to know how the child's day is like, and how the child was during the care time. This helps both parties give the best care to each child. If parents seem always in a rush, having a note in their backpack with the daily updates ready at time of pick up is a good way to make sure the information is shared even if there is no time to speak to one another.
And speaking about the child and the observations of them in a positive way. Even if it is something negative to bring up, whether it's behaviour, bad sleep habit, or just not feeling well. There is always a positive way to approach topics so that family accepts the information in an open mind and isn't quick to get defensive. This helps build a strong partnerships between the child care facility and families. 
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