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I have come to realize recently that the way that I grew up really affected my thinking and my survival skills. I was raised in a religious household, but as an adult, I don't currently practice a religion. My mom was often ill and my dad was an alcoholic, so I became used to taking care of myself, and not trusting others to take care of me. My peers and education in college had a profound affect on my current political views. I am definitely influenced by politics and media, perhaps more so than I'd like. I believe it's possible to change one's views. I changed my views after being exposed to a lot of sociological and philosophical theories that I hadn't been exposed to previously. College is a very malleable time in a person's life, however. I don't argue on social media and try to change others' views, especially not older people. Older people are statistically much more likely to be "set in their ways".
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