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Let's talk about kids!
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Discussion 2.4: Separation Strategies

Provide your unique ideas for making it easier for the child and/or parent to say goodbye.

I would try to redirect the child, ask her to join the group if she is ready in a fun activity, allow her to cry and comfort her, ask her what I could do to help, listen to her feelings, and overall, make sure I am caring, sympathetic, and patient with her. I could ask her to draw a picture of her doing something with her mom after childcare, or ask her to describe her favorite things to do with friends to get her mind on something else. I would encourage her to express her feelings, and comfort her while she goes through the transition. I could acknowledge that transitions are hard for me to. I could ask the parent to come in and be a part of the classroom one day the first week to ease the transition, as well. I could also ask the parent to come at lunchtime one day, if that is possible for their schedule.
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