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What are individual differences in needs?

Some individual differences in needs are adaptability, attention span, mood, and much more. You need to find the "goodness of fit" for the child's personality and that will help them thrive. Caregivers need to give support of the child's personality and to help them overcome challenges that come with it such as working on them focusing on the teacher, working in groups if they are shy. etc.

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The individual difference in needs of each child consist of:
activity level- what level of activity that child can handle
regularity of sleep and eating patterns- which will greatly impact that childs temperament adaptability- how that child adapts or withdraws from a activity
intensity of emotion- every child as a different intensity of emotion
Mood it is up to the caregiver to figure out the mood of every child they work with so that they can come up with specialized activities
Distractibility some children are easily distracted and other's are not
Persistence how persistent a child is about certain things is important to understand
Attention span- how long a child will be interested in a certain activity
Sensory sensitivity for example some children can't handle their backs being rubs because it is a sensory overload so it is important to know which child can handle what.

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Although child development follows a universal path, young children are also unique - with individual temperaments, dispositions, passions and prior experiences. While recognizing and appreciating these differences, adults can explore ways to effectively individualize for each child while also supporting all children to learn and develop optimally.
This may include needs from all developmental domains.
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