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Let's talk about kids!
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one month needs:milk, warm place to sleep, to be held, to hear people talk,
3 month needs: talk to the child, feed them, sing to them, give them fresh air (walks in strollers)
5 month needs: safety as they learn to crawl, happy sounds, keep them in close proximity.
9 month needs: locks on cabinets with dangerous things, give them cuddles and good food and educational toys.
12 month needs: to touch and try things (with help), firm limits and consistency, to talk to them, to give understanding and patience,
18 months-2 yrs needs: to continue to explore, to have a routine, praise when they do good, two alternatives to distract if they begin to say no, for you to be in control and to make decisions for them when they are unable to do so, for you to plan ahead, firmness with rules but calm and understanding if they forget or disobey.
3yrs needs: to know about things, to understand words, to use their words instead of actions, to play sing and pretend with them.
4 yr needs: to explore, try out and test limits, room to grow, reasonable limits for their own protection, to learn to give, take and play well with others, to be read to, talked to, listened to, to be given choices.
5 yr needs: to have active play, to do things for themselves, to have choices in how they learn, to have love and assurence
6 yr old needs: a safe space, routines and consistency, praise when they do something well
7 yr old needs: to listen when they tell you things and be understanding, keep a positive environment,
8 yr old needs: support individuality, support their efforts.
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