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Let's talk about kids!
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Discussion 2.1: What tools can be used to learn about children and their development? How do you use the tools? What do you need to know how to do?

Tools that can be used to learn about children and their development include observing children and making an anecdotal record, checklist, running record, tally event, or videotape of what is observed in the child's development. You can also take photos of what the child is doing to document the child's development. To make an anecdotal record, write down a narrative account of an incident or happening that illustrates the child's development. To use a checklist, check off each developmental milestone as the child achieves them. To make a running record, write a narrative account, similar to an anecdotal record, that follows the child's development over a period of time. A tally event is used to keep track of how many times a child engages in a certain behavior or developmental aspect on any particular day. A video may be used to showcase a child's special skills or newfound abilities. Finally, photos will document a child's activities and can be used to show parents/caregivers how a child is developing. You need to know how to observe, document, and then use the data collected effectively to inform parent's of their child's development.
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