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Let's talk about kids!
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The components of human diversity directly influence a child's well-being, behavior, attitudes, and growth even more than more people estimate. In order to succeed, children need a healthy environment to flourish when confronted with healthy obstacles, lots of encouragement, and a great amount of love and acceptance. When a student coming from some sort of minority status, whether it's race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, etc, they often are discriminated against by the people in the majority, even if it isn't directly, it's embedded in the infrastructure. Being discriminated against directly takes away from what children need to become successful in a school setting and in society.

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People often become different things often under the same circumstances as others. The components of human diversity directly relate to and affect a child’s well being, attitude and growth. For example, a child that comes from a family where the mother is always yelling will often become the adult always yelling at their kids. A child whose family was in the Holocaust may grow up with a bad attitude towards Germans, because their family has deep seeded history. This could affect their ability to effectively communicate during many stages of growth and also affect their overall attitude. In order to properly grow and learn, stereotypes and prejudices must be avoided.
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