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Let's talk about kids!
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Actually, I just came to the U.S only one year ago. The attributes of culture are more like a character of different people. Every culture should be respected as an individual one. Different background, variety tradition, and kinds of religions come from all over the world. Maybe someone does not agree with the other's tradition, or someone cannot understand why the other people have such behavior. Whatever, everyone should respect each other. We do not know what happened to somebody else before, we cannot discrimination anyone. We cannot judge any other and speak the words out. I had a bad experience before. One day I wanted to print a photo in Fred Meyer. My English is not very fluently, the staff was not patient with me which made me feel embarrassed. Try to think, if a child speaks to his caregiver, is that ok to inpatient with the child? Everyone is learning in the society. We should be respect and patient with each other in this cultural society.
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