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It is important as a teacher to be aware that observation and individual development are interconnected because knowledge of the two help you assist each individual child in their personal growth in any given manner. For example, if you are working with a group of 2-5 year olds, then likely you are ealing with different levels of potty training. Some just beginning, and some who are completely independent.  Even if you were to group all children by their ages, not every child in that age category would be on the same stage of training. You could have a 2 year old who took to it quickly, and is able to tell you when they need to go, but you could have one who still is trying to remember that they are no longer in a diaper.  Having observed each child, you will know when they are ready to be more independent and that you may not need to assist them as much with the bathroom as much as before. Knowing each child's development will allow you to be the best teacher for each child.
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