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Let's talk about kids!
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My mother and father always treated me with a lot of respect and allowed me to be independent early than a lot of my friends. My childhood allows me to let other children who want to be independent to take their time to figure out how to solve a problem. In other words, I have great patience with children because I understand that it takes time to learn new skills and the amount of time needed to learn changes for each individual child.
I was raised Jewish which has allowed me to connect to a minority group of children that are apart of our early learning program. The effect it has had on me is feeling the responsibility to talk and connect to children who are learning the basics of Judaism and to show them that I am a successful young adult and embraced Judaism growing up.
When we interact with people with different perspectives from ourselves it is important to put ourselves into their shoes and to try to understand the differences even if we may not agree with that mind of thought. I do believe that our minds can be opened by others and that changing our point of view is a natural part of being human and trying to comprehend the people around us.
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