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Discussion 2.4: What influences your thinking?

1. Things that influence my thinking are my family, the way I was raised, my religious beliefs, my travels throughout the world, my education, and then my understanding of the culture I'm primarily working with. And I'm constantly learning more about myself, and that culture!

2. I find that constructive dialogue can leave an impression to change one's mind on occasion. I have a friend who, through peaceable conversation, she has changed my ideas about gun regulations. She never called me names, or said I was stupid like so many are bold enough to do on social media, but through talking about the topic on numerous occasions, I've actually grown into seeing things more her way! And she lives in Australia. It's all about respecting the people you are speaking with. Sometimes it changes minds, but at the least, it will broaden perspectives.

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I would have to say the way I was raised, education, and culture.
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