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Let's talk about kids!
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Infant: correct nutrients and a safe environment
Toddlers: the ability to explore and test their imagination
Pre-Schoolers: Active environment with freedom to talk and learn about different cultures.
Young school-agers: Time to interact with peers and lots of practice writing and reading. I think teaching kids to read and write should begin as soon as the child is able, but when kids are young school-agers they should be spending a lot of time choosing books to read and writing

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-Infants: need appropriate nutrition, a variety of toys that help develop motor skills, and a clean and safe environment.
-Toddlers: need age appropriate toys, multiple creativity centers, potty training options, and a clean and safe environment.
-Preschoolers: need a constructive environment with a variety of activities so that they have many options to choose from, books that help with conflict resolution plus positivity and a clean and safe environment.
School-age- need even more learning centers that they have the option to choose from, a well thought out schedule for the day, well balanced meals, and a clean and safe environment.

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