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Let's talk about kids!
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Discussion 2.2: How can you develop respectful, reciprocal relationships with families in your practice? Do you think an understanding of diversity plays a part? An understanding of yourself?

Communication is KEY. I think it's also important that if you are talking with the parent/family of a child who has misbehaved, that you can mention at least one positive attribute that the child has, so that dialogue can stay open and understanding.

In my place of work, understanding diversity is incredibly important since many of the parents speak English as a second language, and some are not very fluent. Finding the right words to express ourselves without upsetting people can be challenging. As for myself, I choose my words carefully, and try to remember that we are definitely all different.

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My line of work diversity does play a rule. I feel that kids need to understand each other and not to make fun of one of each other just because so and so looks different. Also, I choose my words carefully, because we all are unique and different. Parents and staff i feel need to communicate more, some cases i feel get swiped under the rug and I feel it shouldn't 
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